Even Fresher Men?

I know, I’ve been there.

High school can be one of the most exciting , yet anxiety heart-pumping  years of our lives. Sorry folks with anxiety, but high school is a requirement for all of us…

nervous guy
OKAY!!! We get it.

I had that exact feeling too, aah that brings me back to the year before my freshmen year. I remember  I had to ask my cousins for advice on how to get by in high school, and my cousins kept giving me these exact words, “It’s okay… everything will be alright, you’re just overcomplicating it.”  I just sat there dazed, confused, and even angry. “Why would my cousins tell me to not overcomplicate it!”, I thought. In my mind I wanted high school to be a breeze for me. I wanted to be the sports jock, who got all the beautiful girls come at me like this . . .

My image of me in high school… yeah didn’t happen.

My brother had the same epidemic when he went to high school too. He was like, ” Geary, how do you survive high school?”, and I was like , “It ain’t hard man, you can wing it.” The problem is that we have all these weird scenarios before we go to high school, and none of it even happen. Yes, high school is fun, exciting, and scary at times, but for incoming freshman get ready because it’s going to be one of the best schooldays of your life. So, enjoy it and the time you have left before you even start high school.


Geary .E


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