The High School Dog Days

At some point in our high school lives we’re going to feel like dump, and be like ,

Yea, I know right. . .

But, we have to go to school. So the question is, how can I deal with this feeling of emptiness and wanting to go home?

Let me guess, you’re in February or March and asking , “When can I get a break?”  The answer is you get NO breaks. This just dosen’t happen in school, it happens in LIFE as well. Yep, you think everbody’s excited to go to work everyday? Heck no, they don’t!   If everybody did everything based on their moods, nobody would get anything done, and we would live in a world with many problems to be solved. No ideas would be shared, no songs would be written, no inventions would have been created. The world would look a lot like this. . .


You guys wanna know how to deal with that?  Okay fine, stop being a lazy bum and do the things you don’t feel like doing. When I say that , I don’t mean do the things you hate and know that will take you nowhere like, mop a hallway in an empty building. I actually mean, have goals and STRIVE for them. Yes, there will be times when all you feel like doing is sitting on your couch and watching the newest episode of Powerpuff Girls but when that happens tell yourself this:

What’s more important, accomplishing my goals and dreams, or an interesting distraction that could get in the way of my goals and dreams ?

Then, after you constantly ask yourself that, you will understand why people work.

So, what does this have to do with high school ? Eventually, you’re going to be tired of seeing the same people, having the same schedule and doing the same tasks over and over again, but remember high school is there for a reason. And that reason is to prepare you for not just college, but for the rest of your life .  You will do the things you want and have always wanted if you start by doing the dirty work first.


Geary . E


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