Why should we get in extracurricular activites in high school ?

Yay! So darn excitied for cheerleader tryouts!

Okay, let me play out a situation : you’re on a Friday night or any school night with no homework and you’re bored as a ROCK. I know, I’ve definitely been there, but here’s good news: you can join an extracurricular activity or program! Sounds, heart relieving dosen’t it? Makes me wanna do something a little like this:

Me after I win a basketball game.

If you find it hard to join a group, just find people with similar passions who are in the same group. Like for example, if you like watching and playing basketball, maybe try to join the high school basketball team. Or another example could be you’re very smart and competetive, well you could join an academic team that competes with other groups and schools. Now, does that still sound hard?

Now that’s what I’m talking about MANE !

Another benefiting point of joining extracurricular activites is that it sounds REALLY GOOD on your college resume. So, for those who want to go to schools like Duke University,  saddle up and join some activities after school. Colleges love people who are well rounded and are involved in extracurricular activities because it shows them that they are very well rounded individuals who know how to manage their time. Oh and DUH, you can meet new people and make new friends.


Now , here in the U.S we are highly advantaged to have schools that are willing to have extracurricular activities, but the problem is that some schools not just in the U.S but other countries don’t have that type of access. So, the answer to that problem? Well if you go to a school, you’re going to see people from all walks of life. Instead of just walking to class with your head down and not looking your schoolmate in the eye while passing by, give him some darn eye contact and initiate a conversation! Isn’t that how friendships start anyway?

Okay whatever Charlie! ugh. . .

You can then ask your new friend to hang out with you on days you have nothing to do . And sooner or later, you will meet your friend’s friends and soon you’re the man  that everybody knows. . .

AAAYY!!! I know him.

The only downside that could possibly be is that you’re so busy with your friends that you’re not at home. I don’t know about you, but for me that sounds like a GOOD thing. Now tell your new friends about my blog and comment on it too.


Geary .E


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