OOOH . . . you got a bad grade in your report card.

If any of you guys are lucky enough to have older brothers or sisters who have taken challenging courses in high school, chances are they were probably looking  like this at one time:

Yikes!!! Even got me freaking out.

Or worse like this:


As you read the title to this blog, you understand why they freak out like- well, FREAKS . Matter of fact, I’ve been through this. Okay let me tell you the story of my current high school status:

  • I am taking college level classes, and I’ve struggled with almost all of them this year(for now)…
  • I am currently failing a class . . .
  • I struggle with it while staying after school doing other things and working on my blog . . .

Hey!!! And yet I’m A-okay!!!

How I currently feel at this moment . . .


Now, I’m not saying that you should put no effort into  your classes, I’m saying the exact opposite. If you have a 105 in your Algebra 2 class, good! Celebrate, take a break, or just skip school, but here’s my take on making excellent grades : unless you’re trying to go to an Ivy League college like Stanford or Harvard, then don’t stress it. People these days make the most stress out of the tiniest of things, including me!  Like for example if someone’s phone cracks, they got to complain and tell everyone that their phone is broken. I don’t know where this came from , but I think it’s a quote from a famous person:

“Be Calm, Be Poised, Be Confident.”

Isn’t that a good quote? You guys  tell me if I should have a quote in every post in the comments down below.

So, the main takeaways are:

  • Okay, you got a horrible grade in one of your classes. Stop dang worrying and think about how to bring the grade back up.
  • Don’t tear up the walls just because you failed your report card . I think society today makes us worry so much. For example the news, social media, etc.
  • Quit taking life so seriously and have some fun! ! !


Geary .E

P.S : Read all my other blogs as well . . .


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