Last minute Mother’s Day ideas, for teens with no money.

For those who haven’t thought of a Mother’s Day gift yet, well you’re in for a surprise. . .

I know right?

Or, if you’re just looking for another special gift  you can give to your mama, good!  I respect that.

Well here are types of gifts you can give her:

  1. A handcrafted gift you made
  2. A coupon for free hugs, chores, etc
  3. Do something for her that she normally does to you

Let’s start with #1,  a handmade gift:

Personally, I would never try to make a handmade gift to my mom because handcrafting isn’t really my specialty. Now I enjoy making Mother’s Day cards, but I am going to do something new this year. So no more Mother’s Day cards.

I meant what I said.

Here are some Mother’s Day homemade gifts I found:

  • DIY Mommy Survival Kit
  • Personalized Tote Bag
  • DIY Necklaces
  • A Recipe Holder
  • A hand print apron
  • – and more ideas,  here.

A large portion of the handcrafted ideas are DIY. You know what that means, a lot of effort and time, which is of course worth it .  The link I gave you guys is not the only place you can find Mother’s Day Ideas, you can definitely find plenty on Pinterest .

It doesn’t need money because you can find most of these items around the house, and they’re highly available anywhere. But, if you want to go all-special , go right ahead!

And for #2, here we go:

I never made a chore coupon for my mother ever, but it’s a very thoughtful idea. If you’re that type of person that never does their chores around the house, then your mom’s face would be like this as soon as you give her that card:

My mom when my brother gives her the coupon card he made her . . .

It doesn’t have to be just chores. There could be coupons for hugs, kisses , compliments, and more that haven’t buzzed in my mind yet. The main takeaway  of this type of gift is that it has to be something that is very nice , but unexpected of you.

This one shouldn’t need any $ paid because you’re doing this out of love , right?

He gets it, at least.


Last , but not least:  #3:

Now,  this is the one I want to do this Mother’s Day. I mean , it’s kinda like a coupon , but for only the occasion. For you guys who didn’t understand, what I meant by gift number 3 was for example, make her breakfast, or clean her room.  For me, I want to cook  breakfast for my mom because every Sunday she’s always making breakfast for us before we go to church , and talks about how she wakes up every Sunday morning preparing us some good, quality breakfast.

The comments be like . . .

Yeah, I know that’s so sweet, but it’s Mother’s Day tomorrow, so I got to be like a strawberry.

Maybe another one of my comments will be like this:

This one should totally be free of charge because , as I said earlier , it’s out of love.

Here’s a quote for y’all on the special occasion tomorrow:

“Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love.”

-Stevie Wonder

Now here’s the question for today: what if you didn’t have a mother that cared for and loved you?  Life would be hard, wouldn’t it? Let’s make May 13, 2018 the best Mother’s Day ever for our mothers ok?

Good Boy!


Geary .E

P.S: What are you doing this Mother’s Day? Leave it out in the comments below. . .


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