3 Unique ways teens can make money online. . . right now.



You guys see that above? Now that’s paper!  Good news is that you can be a rich fella  someday, maybe in the future. . .


Anyways, this will help you to at least get some cash to go get a burger or something, which is a good thing .  The best part is that you can do it anywhere that has a Wi-Fi connection.  Now, not every site I mention pays the exact same. Some pay in bunches, while others pay in tiny, tiny amounts.

Are you ladies and gentlemen ready?

Well, here are 3 unique ways you can make money right now:

  1.      Answer Surveys

Answering surveys is one of the easiest ways to make money. Good sites are Survey Junkie ,  Swagbucks ,  YouGov , and so much more! The internet is full of paid survey sites. All you have to do is go to Google and type, “paid survey sites” .  Sooner or later  after completing those surveys,  you’re going to be looking  like this:


Key Note: The surveys don’t pay you until after the survey has been completed, as some surveys can take quite a while. With some surveys even taking almost 1 hour. Another key note is that sometimes you can get disqualified from the survey because you didn’t meet the survey requirements or you violated the survey rules.

2. Join Fiverr.com

This website is basically a freelancing site , but they pay you to do just about  almost anything.  The minimum pay is normally $5, which is a sweet deal!  And the best part is, if you have any technical skills, like for example knowing how to build websites, or creating and uploading videos, you can sometimes get paid over $100!

Look at that.

Key Note: Now, it’s not that easy. First, you got to create a gig and offer your work out there. You get paid as soon as you finish your duty. You can put in as much time as you want, but the objective is to finish your work.


3.  Review music, fashion items, etc

There is a cool website called Slice the Pie that pays people for their reviews on products, music tracks, etc , and it  helps the brands you’re reviewing make decisions. It’s kind of similar to paid surveys, but instead it’s reviews. There are more review sites,  but Slice the Pie seems to be the most popular one.

Key Note: The review you leave out should be at least a couple of sentences long. You get paid a couple cents per review,  but extra cash is extra cash!

Now What Do I do?

Go to the darn websites, that’s what you do! I gave you guys all the websites you need in order to make $$$. If you don’t have an internet connection, go to a library, Starbucks, or someplace you know with free Wi-Fi. I recommend you do this in your free time. The reason why? Because most likely you’re probably binge-watching Netflix , or scrolling through your social media newsfeed

Now is the time . . . TO MAKE SOME MONEY!!!

   Another Key Note:  I heard stories of people making over hundreds of dollars a month doing this. Next thing you know, this can turn into your main source of income.

Now it’s quote time!!! Here it goes:

“Making money is a hobby that will complement any other hobbies you have, beautifully.”

Scott Alexander


Making money should be a hobby. It shouldn’t be about working the job you hate just because you need to support your family; it should be about working while doing the things you love, like singing or  creating art. That’s why I’m blogging because I enjoy spreading my opinions on things and providing value for the people who need it.

Remember: Don’t think, just do.


Geary .E

PS: Read My viewpoint on the SAT  for my view on those kind of tests. Oh , and leave a comment down below. . .


4 thoughts on “3 Unique ways teens can make money online. . . right now.

  1. Hey Geary. Thanks for stopping by TeensGotCents! These are good ideas. Another idea for teens to consider is just looking around their neighborhood for things they can do. Maybe a neighbor needs some help with their yard or someone to walk their dog. There are so many ways a teen can earn extra cash by working for neighbors, friends or family.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are right Eva, and thanks for stopping at All is Everything! That is a good idea, but the topic was to make money online. . . not in person. I just wanted to check the content out at TeensGotCents, and oh yeah. . . nice blog!


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