Life Without A Smartphone. . . (these days)

Oh yeah! Those phones were the best.

I was about to turn 15 when I got my first smartphone. It was an iPhone  3. Now, I’m 17 years old. It’s been 2 years since I had my first smartphone, which is “barely”  having a phone compared to some people. Although it was very old and used ,  I enjoyed that phone very much.

Let’s get back to the days before I had my first smartphone. . .

Here’s what the conditions looked like:

OMG! You thought 😉

Naw, I’m just playing. To be honest, it wasn’t really as bad as people thought. Back in those days, you either watched tv or read a book.

Yeahhh. Just like that. . .

During those times, I would spend a whole bunch of time with my family , and we would just relax. Although my summers were really, really boring, I was always in the present moment, something which alot of us lack in today. I’m being straight honest , but I spent a bunch of hours watching either Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, or Disney Channel.  Me and my whole family would be in the living room watching the newest episode of Regular Show, or Good Luck Charlie. I really didn’t know much about Youtube, Facebook, or even Snapchat. All I knew was Ellen DeGeneres, Selena Gomez, and Lil Wayne.


What do you think Ellen is doing? Leave it in the comments below. . .

While I was writing this a question just popped in my head:

Do we really need smartphone?

My answer to that question: Heck No!!! An answer from an average Snapchat guru is probably like:

“If I don’t have a cell-phone, I’ll die of boredom.”

Okay, maybe that’s a little too far, but what I mean is this:

Now that’s crazy!


Anyway, back to the main topic. . .

It all started when I was in 5th grade when I started to see people my grade using iPhones. I remember asking my mother:

“How come everybody else has a phone, and I don’t ? “

And during that time, my parents barely knew what a smartphone was, which was kind of embarrassing. Back then, my dad was the only one with a cellular device, and it looked like this:

Yep, I know.


So after I asked that question, I immediately regretted asking it.

In my mind , I was like:

“Why did I ask such a foolish question?”

But soon, I  got over it. Over time, I saw more and more people having smartphones, which was tempting , but I was a fighter. So it didn’t affect me at all.

But. . . this question someone asked me a couple years later  brought me back to my 5th grade days. . .

It was:

“Geary, how come you don’t have a phone yet?”

I said in reply:

” I’m getting it in the summertime. . .(almost choke on spit).”

I was in the 7th grade at that time.

Me too man.

Like I did in 5th grade, time went on and I got over it. Later, it got even more tempting because I was approaching high school, and although I was familiar with social media, and apps; I really didn’t have that “smartphone” experience. It wasn’t until I got involved in extracurricular activities that literally gave my parents no choice but  to give me a smartphone.

So the main takeaway of this topic?

Don’t dwell on what others have.  Just because someone else has a smartphone,  does not mean that you should bring one the next day.  As I got my first smartphone,  I was kind of attached to it.  But,  the phone is just a device, which in my opinion is trying to control your mind. Don’t let what others have interfere with what you have. Be proud of what you currently have and who you are.

Here’s a quote that goes with what I’m saying:

“Uniqueness lies in not comparing youself to others.”

– Raheel Farooq

So if you don’t have a cell phone. . .


Embrace it! As the quote says, it’s what makes you unique, and you should take pride in that. Matter of fact, I have a challenge for you guys:

Do Something That Makes You Stand Out.



Geary .E

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Oh, don’t forget to read and share my blogs, and let’s start a discussion down below. . .



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