My opinion on Senior Pranks. . .

I was watching the news earlier today, and I saw a headline that sort of puzzled me. . .

It was about a senior prank in Wisconsin.

I was like, ” Yeah , ok cool. Another senior prank.”

But the part that puzzled me was the police department’s reaction. . .

According to the police department, the prank was apparently, “the best senior prank ever!”

From what I saw, it looked like a car that was crashed into the side of the school, which might be a little too far for a prank, but the part that made it , “the best prank ever!”, was that it was an optical illusion.

I know guys, it’s crazy!


The seniors used tape, a tarp, and half a junker car to produce the illusion. For the finale, they used loose bricks to make it look like it  really crashed.

Here’s the photo:

Rate the prank from 1-10 in the comments below. . .

Okay, so here’s my take on senior pranks. . .

I think high schools have a right to implement whether or not they should have senior pranks, but if I was a principal at a high school,  I would be something like this:

lol. South Park is the best


The pranks should be legal and morally legit. Like for example, it can’t be anything that vandalizes property or offends people, so basically it can’t be anything like the gif below:

Calm down young fella.

So , my advice for the teachers and principals out there. . .

Know Your Students.


If you have a feeling that some of your seniors might go a little too far, then don’t tell your seniors to do any pranks.  Another example would be the school I currently go to. From the look on the principal’s faces, I know they don’t trust us, but I don’t care because . . .

“Better safe than sorry.”



Geary . E

P.S: Congratulations to the Class of 2018. I’m kind of sad because I have to wait one more year.  A question for the seniors: how do you feel about report cards? For my opinion click here. Like, share, follow, reblog, and comment down below. . .




One thought on “My opinion on Senior Pranks. . .

  1. I don’t know about you guys, but I rate this prank as a 10 out of 10!
    Let’s see who can rate lower in the comments below. . . and share this with your friends, would ya?
    Geary .E

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