Simple tips to make this summer your best summer.

I know for sure that many of us teens has had that type of summer when we literally don’t do anything. 

Then do something!

That used to be my type of summer, but I decided to make a change during one of the most boring months of the year. Like for example, last summer was the best summer I’ve ever had just because I was striving for my goals. I plan to make this summer even better, which I’m excited for. Unfortunately, many teens(and adults) do not know how to effectively use their time for productivity. Good thing today I’m posting this. . . right?


Here are 3 tips to make this summer your best summer:

  • Don’t lie around all day expecting things to happen.

    My ideal summer used to be staying in my home all day and watch daytime tv. To be honest, that is  way too comfortable for a person to live. But, I realized that is an amazing example of  simply wasting your summer, so I decided I needed to do things. You shouldn’t be excited for summer just because that special Drake concert is on June 20th, like what are you going to do?  Are you going to anxiously go through  your calendar like this:

That summer sounds amazing doesn’t it? Leave it out in the comments below. . .

Well if you do, see ya because this article isn’t for you, but if you don’t :

Do things out of the ordinary this summer.

Simple as that! Although it is simple, that technically doesn’t mean it’s easy. We all have days when we don’t feel like doing anything, but we still have to do it. That’s how productive and successful people are made. So, to make the start easy, get out of the ordinary! ! !

  • Set goals that you want to achieve this summer

    If you just do things out of the ordinary this summer, you will have encountered new experiences, but that is not productive . Matter of fact, according to the Merriam Webster dictionary:

Productive is having the quality or  power of producing espescially in abundance.

In order to make your summer productive, you have to set goals on what you want to do this summer.

Like for example, if you want to learn how to create websites this summer, you have to set goals for yourself on what you want to accomplish in designing and creating websites. Now I get it, some of us are very busy, but if you’re really that busy then set at least a weekly goal.

Go for your goals like that.

A key note for defining goals: WRITE IT DOWN!!! Trust me, you’ll have an easier time actually accomplishing it than having it in your mind.

  • One Day at a Time. . .

    Time flies guys. Don’t believe me, listen to this podcast by DreAllDay. It only seems like yesterday when I  was in middle school, and now I’m about to be a high school senior. Be present right now.  Look at the things you are producing right now. Being productive isn’t just about endlessly producing things, it’s also about enjoying them.  Like for example, if you’re with your family right now, appreciate them for what they do for you. Because you never know when that day arrives. . .

Production is very powerful, espescially for those who really want to make it big. So, if you’ve read this post and still don’t want to do anything,  read and analyze this quote:

“My goal is no longer to get more done, but rather have less to do.”

             – Franz Kafka


Geary .E

P.S: If you’re going to be a high school freshman next year read this ,and share, reblog , comment, and follow my blog.


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