The longest end-of-year tradition that will probably never end.

 Wanna know what it is?

I’m going to beat around the bush here:

It happens at the end of the school year every year.  It has pictures of students and school clubs on it.  You can count on this if you want to revive your memories of those who were in your class and signed this mysterious object. 

Although it’s obvious , know what it is now?

Hopefully, you do! Now here it is:

Yearbook Signings. (It’s my sister’s yearbook) 😉

Yearbooks have been around for centuries , and although sites like Facebook are starting to compete with the printed yearbook, currently the race is not even close. . .

Yeah man, it’s not as close as I thought it was.

History of the Yearbook

The first yearbooks existed since the 1600’s, but they were more of a scrapbook design. Though they did not have any photographs,  they still had notes, flowers, and hair to remember  the students. It wasn’t until the 1800’s when photographed yearbooks were introduced. They were first introduced to colleges, and it didn’t transfer to high schools until many years later.

Then it goes to middle schools, elementary schools. yada, yada , yada

Now let’s talk about why it might never end, shall we?

School yearbooks are literally everywhere. They’re in school libraries, kitchens, living rooms and so on. People these days are still excited for the sale of school yearbooks. The format might have changed a little , but it still has that same foundation. Yearbook signings is singlehandedly the biggest reason why school yearbooks are still at the top for school merchandise. And clearly, that is the major end-of -year tradition that will most likely never end.

Give me the details, Geary?

It’s simple, people want to be remembered.  That’s espescially true for your senior year of high school, when you might not see any of your classmates again. Everybody wants to be that type of person when someone you knew from high school contacts you 10 years later just because your signature is on their 2001 high school class yearbook. Unless, you really hated your high school, I wouldn’t understand why someone wouldn’t want to be contacted by their former classmates in school.

feet legs animal farm
That’s more bonkers than a horse with some rollers on.

Anyway, I’ve had different types of yearbook signings,  but here are the most common yearbook signing patterns I’ve seen so far:

  1. HAGS – (Have a great summer)
  2. You are amazing . . .
  3. Add me on snap, my name is *********
  4. Their name
  5. Love ya!!!

I remember when I was in elementary school and they  would set time for our shirts to be signed in class. I mean, it happens in high school , but you mostly make your own time for it. Another good reason why yearbook signings can last forever because summertime can also be known as too much leisure time. There’s a major difference when there’s good or just enough leisure time(a week to 2 weeks) to way too much leisure time(3 freakin months!). At one point or another, we’re going to think about our high school friends and classmates and page through our yearbooks just to check out their signature or autograph. As humans, it’s our emotions that drive us to do certain things. For example, when you’re tired you lay down, take a nap, etc. Even if pen and paper goes extinct,

I agree as well.

am confident that there will be people signing with whatever they’ll have that will unlikely replace pen and paper. Maybe lasers, or something super bizarre, but I don’t see pen and paper being overtaken, just like yearbooks and it’s signings. There can be something as revolutionary as the internet or the smartphone did, but what can really compete with the school yearbook, and it’s end-of-the-year signings?

Nothing can. . .

Exactly what I thought. It’s a school tradition to sign yearbooks, so why and how should it end?

I wanted to share a funny quote the rapper 2 Chainz once said:

“In my 8th grade yearbook picture I had on 2 chains.”

Oh, thanks for backing me up 2 Chainz.

                                         Ok, now it’s homework time!!!

The assignment for you readers is to sign a yearbook. I understand that some schools end early and that’s ok, but no excuses!  Not too hard right, sounds like the easiest homework someone has ever gave you guys and gals. . .

close up of woman working
See! It’s 1st grade easy!

It is due when you submit how you did in the comments below. . .

Remember: Stay positive and have an amazing summer.


Geary .E

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A reference that helped me:  The History of Yearbooks from the Balfour| Ohio Yearbooks blog


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