7 MUST-VISIT Cities for Everyone to visit

I know, I know.

This isn’t what I would normally talk about, but I love to travel, and I just wanted to share some of the most slept-on cities in the world.

Huh, that’s kind of weird because I’ve never really travelled anywhere.

But, that will change soon. . .

scenic view of beach
Paradise, I’m coming for ya!

The best part about this was that I included a city from each continent because every continent is unique in some way or another.

With many amazing cultures, peoples, and climates.

Since Antarctica is pretty hard to travel to, I’ll include a bonus city as #7.

Let’s get started for city #1..


  • Europe – Prague, Czech Republic

    multicolored buildings photo
    OMG! Look at this City!

    I had a relative who studied there for medical school, and I can tell he definitely loved the experience.

For you travellers, Prague is so full of beautiful buildings, and there’s so much to do in the city.  Jovvana Manzano from Voyager Rezine does an excellent job of explaining the activities you can do there. 

Most people would want to go to cities like Paris, London, or Venice, well why not discover the hidden gem of Europe , which is:

architecture buildings capital castle
PRAGUE – Don’t miss out on it!


With it’s medieval architecture, I can see why this city is known as the “City of a 100 Spires”.


  • Asia – Singapore(city-state)

marina bay sands singapore

Singapore is very unique compared to many other countries in the world.

Why else is it on my bucket list?

Singapore is not just a city, but it’s also an island nation , which is out of this world!

Oh, and did I forget to tell you that Singapore is one of the cleanest cities in the world?

Well, now you know.


  • Africa – Kigali, Rwanda

Oh, it’s breathtaking!

I’ve heard many good things about the capital of Rwanda.

I mean it’s obvious, just look at the picture above!

I would love to look at that every single day.

Besides, Kigali is the cleanest city in Africa.

There are many other good destinations such as:

  1. Cairo, Egypt
  2. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  3. Dakar, Senegal

but, I think Kigali by far is the best destination to visit in Africa.


  • South America – Buenos Aires,  Argentina

people standing on road beside market and high rise buildings
Hmm… Okay!

I don’t know why, but Buenos Aires seems to be on my bucket list.

It’s kind of like a European city in South America.

So , if you’re missing Europe, go to Buenos Aires.

The architecture is amazing over there, and so is the food.  I’m hungry just thinking about it. . .

Oh and for those who tango, Buenos Aires is the place for you!


  • North America – Austin, Texas, United States


america architecture austin austin texas
Yay! My state capital!

It might seem a little biased, but I love my home state of Texas.  That cliche everyone says , “Everything is bigger in Texas.” , well it’s true. The state, cities, colleges, football stadiums, and so much more!

Besides, the food in Austin is amazing!

There’s taco trucks, classic resturants, and just so much else!

Don’t believe me, then why is my state capital one of the best cities to live in the U.S?

Just visit, you won’t regret it!


  • Oceania – Auckland, New Zealand

cars parked beside mountains
Photo by Ketan Kumawat on Pexels.com

This city is mainly for the beach-lovers reading my blog. . .

I guess there is something where Auckland is located that attracts me.

With it’s fertile land and it’s appealing geographical location to young tourists, Auckland sounds like a treat.


And here’s the bonus city:

       It goes to. . .

  • Casablanca, Morocco

 So amazing.

Casablanca is Morocco’s largest city, with over 3 million residents living there.

               From what I hear, the Hassan II Mosque is one of the most beautiful buildings ever built, and it’s in this beautiful city.

Besides the Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca is also an amazing place for shoppers!

Casablanca has an amazing climate, which is perfect for hanging out with friends outside!


asphalt blue sky clouds countryside


Travel at least once in your life is what I’m trying to state in this article.

It doesn’t have to really be those places, but at least visit of them.

There’s so much in our world to do, and discover!


Homework Time!

apple check computer female


I want you guys to research at least 1 of the cities I mentioned, and if you have money, schedule a visit.

Trust me, you’ll not only thank yourself , but the city will thank you as a whole as well!

Leave a comment on any new insights you guys find on any of the cities I mentioned below. 

Traveling can give us new experiences that can last us a lifetime.

Here’s my proof:

“Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.”

-Henry David Thoreau

Keep living guys.


Geary Erua

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