100% Diversity vs 10% Diversity [Immigrant Teenlife]

I’ve talked about this many times in my blog.

100% Diversity vs. 10% Diversity

It’s like a full glass bottle vs a nearly empty one.

Well, let me give you guys some perspective on this before you make a choice:

donuts and bagel display


100% Diversity

group hand fist bump
Fist pumps for everyone!

I used to live in a big city, which had about a million people.

It had so many different groups, peoples, and religions.

I went to an elementary school that was so diverse that when you walked through the hallways, you could hear about 7 different languages!

I know right, dat crazy!

But, it was kind of annoying because you didn’t really know what to expect, because everyone was so different.

Since there were so many immigrants, there had to be some where my family came from:

Matter of fact, there were a lot…

Like when I was a little kid, I would see Ethiopian churches, Greek churches, Islamic mosques, I mean literally everything.


A Big City
My city looked a lot like that, but maybe a little smaller…

So when I visited a Sudanese church, you could see people all over the city that looked like me in one building…

Oh, and there was this one store that sold Middle Eastern and South Asian food,  and everytime I went in there, I either saw Arabs or Sudanese people.

But, I had a lot of family there, which made things comfortable, almost too comfortable .


10% Diversity

arizona asphalt beautiful blue sky
Hello! Anybody there!

When I moved in the 5th grade, I expected nearly no one to look like me.

And that’s because, as my dad drove through the highways, all I saw was farms and cows.

Even though my current neighborhood reminds me of my old one(which had so many different peoples), as soon as I got out of it , I realized…

That I was different to everybody else.

Now, I’m not saying that’s a terrible thing:

Matter of fact, I embrace my culture with pride!

But, it was one of the leading causes of my insecurity issues in the past.

But, without that, I wouldn’t have been able to find myself because I had to learn how to find myself in that mind chaos…

Another good thing about being in a place that doesn’t have much people that look like you is that it gets you out of your comfort zone.

Back in that old, big city, I used to be a shy, awkward boy.

But, knowing that I had to meet people who didn’t look like me made me a more socially confident individual.

Now, I can literally have a conversation with whoever I want.

If it wasn’t for that move out, I wouldn’t have created this amazing blog, and share my life views and opinions.

I would have probably been on my way to medical school or something. 🙂


My Opinion on it:

A post-it note
POST-IT-NOTES are my fav…

I think 10% Diversity is better.

Yes I did.


It’s better because as I said:

You get out of your comfort zone.

And as Brian Tracy says:

“Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.”


Homework Time

silver ipad on table


The assignment is to leave a comment on which one is better[100% Diversity vs. 10% Diversity].

Let’s start a discussion down there!



women s in gray turtleneck sweater pointing white contract paper
My main points.

One point that I’m trying to convey in this blog article is to be you , because everyone has a different opinion of contrasting topics.

Another good takeaway would be to explore yourself. We only live once, so we should use that as a wake-up call to go out and do stuff(like read my blog).

Last takeaway is to be uncomfortable.  I linked some comfort zone challenges here because I  like it when people take action.

What you waitin for?  Go out there and do stuff!


Geary Erua

P.S: Want to learn the secret of successful people. CLICK HERE.

Oh, and don’t forget to comment, like, and share.




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