Why we ALL should be open-minded[Immigrant Teenlife]

Aww! Thank you.

I’m going to ask you guys a quick question:

How would the world be like if all the people were open-minded and friendly?

And imagine it…

Dosen’t it look like this to you guys?

Friendly people gathering together.
Heaven on Earth.

The world would be so much happier, and much more positive!

With people like Donald Trump saying ruthless statements about different people groups, to the hatred on Israel by it’s Middle Eastern neighbors, our world is kind of like a love-hate zone.

But, I’ve got some amazing news:

A young girl saying, "I think this is amazing news."
Yeah I can’t wait as well!

Our world has been more open-minded than ever!

Globalization is getting different peoples from unique areas of the world to communicate with each other and be friends(or maybe even date).

Mixed-race couples are rising enormously in the West, and these days it’s not hard to find a mixed-race couple in the media.

But, the question is: Can we do better?

Can we end racism once and for all?

Can we be able to end wars against each other?

Can we be more open and warm-hearted for immigrants and refugees from other  countries?

The answer is yes…

But, how?

A young woman looking for books in a library.
You don’t need a book to find out… just keep reading!

Well the best way to answer that question is to start from yourself.

If you guys don’t know this fact, well I will tell ya:

An average person influences hundreds to thousands of people while successful people influence millions to billions.

So , that means we influence lot of people!

Now, here are some ways to be open-minded:

  1. Don’t constantly judge people – seriously don’t
  2. Be curious about things – Just watch Curious George
  3. Don’t put labels on people – Everyone’s different. Come on now!

For more tips on being open-minded, click here.

Now, let’s describe the outcome of an open-minded world:

As I said earlier, it would literally be heaven on earth. Everyday would be a spectacular day. People would constantly greet each other with so much compassion and love for each other, and people would be free to go wherever they choose.

Now, that’s paradise!

     Homework Time:

Some easy homework.
Piece. Of . Cake.

Do something you have never done.

Take a challenge that makes you mentally want to scream.

Because that’s one of the biggest reasons why open-minded people are so open-minded.

And even if you don’t like that activity or task, at least you tried right?

Oh, and it doesn’t have a due date.

So, have fun doing it.


A conclusion on something.

The world is being in a much friendlier place to live in. But, there are a few tough obstacles that get in the way of our current confidence of having peace occuring everywhere around the world.

We will need to get past those obstacles in some way, or somehow.

The great Michael Jordan once said:

“Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it , or work around it.”

And remember that it starts from you to take action on making this world a more open-minded place.

 Here’s another inspiring quote, this time from Jeff Bridges:

“The way to change the world is through individual responsibility and taking local action in your own community.”


Take this to heart guys, and live your life.


Geary Erua

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