A simple tip I use to make my weekdays more fun.

There’s something about weekends that makes me wanna jump up and say:


Someone that says, "Alleuia" .
I know right.

I think it’s because the weekends are times of relaxation and doing things you really wanna do.


A man excited for weeked.
My teachers on Fridays.

But, we got to realize that the weekend is only 2 days, and we got the weekdays to worry about(Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays).

So here’s my very simple tip:

shallow focus photography of color pencil lot
Haha. Tips.

This might sound a little classy, but rename the weekdays.

I might probably get a:

  • Reader #1: ” What the heck? “

  • Reader #2: ” I know right.”

But, no one really realizes the POWER of words.

We are going to use my “nicknames” for the weekdays, so you all can have a positive mindset when the weekend is over.

So, let’s begin:

  • Monday – “Fun day Monday!”

happy coffee
My mood on Mondays.

Monday is known as that , “hateful day”.

It’s probably because that’s the beginning of the “dreadful weekdays”.

But, when you add the “fun day” to Monday, it will change your perspective on Mondays.

I mean, we can’t be negative on all 52 Mondays of the week, right?

Garfield the cat.

 And, I completely understand…

Monday is literally when the weekend comes to an end, and you have to get back to work.

But, use this “nickname”, and your feeling about Mondays will change.

  • Tuesday – “Best Day Tuesday!” (! is for the enthusiasm)

A happy dog.
Be happy like this dog on Tuesdays!

Ohh, Tuesday…

You are the second weekday of the week, and it gives me a little more relief to let you know that a you are the “best day”.

Not Friday.

Not Saturday.

Not even “hump day” Wednesday.

It’s you…Tuesday.


I chose Tuesday as the “best day” because …

  1. SURVIVED Monday
  2. It’s the fourth to last weekday of the week.
  3. I can do MANY things that I forgot to do on Monday, and do it on Tuesday instead.

Matter of fact, any day of the week you can do many things.

But, I chose Tuesday as my special day. 🙂

On to the next weekday…

  • Wednesday – “Grind day Wednesday!”

A whole bunch of coffee beans in a machine.
Let’s grind guys. Today’s the day!

Back when I was in middle school, instead of “grind day”, it was also known popularly as:  “hump day” 

You guys get it?

Well for those who don’t get it, it was known as “hump day” because it was literally the middle of the week.

Like, it’s the in numbers 1-5.

Pretty simple right?

Sadly, no one uses it anymore, so I had to create “grind day” instead.

I put Wednesday as “grind day” because even if it’s in the middle of the week, I still need to work hard.

And I put that as a reminder that Wednesday should not be a day of fooling around.

Like no other day of the week…

  • Thursday – “Opportunity Thursday!”

black and white decision doors opportunity
So many on a Thursday.

I put Thursday as the “opportunity day”  because  instead of dragging on like most people, I search for chances I see, so that I can make the rest of my week better.

In easier words, I find ways to challenge myself and try new things.

Like, I will try to meet someone new, or I might try to do something that will probably make my brain itch.

And, at the end of the day after I’ve searched for  my opportunities, I feel revived again happily waiting for the next day…

Oh! Here it goes right now…


  • Friday – “Won’t stop Friday!”

Theater show on Friday and Saturday.
Everything is on a Friday.

Now, everyone LOVES Fridays.

It’s that day when everyone is happy and like:

  • Person #1: OMG! It’s Friday!

  • Person #2: I know right! We are about to spend a night out.

  • Person #1: Oh Yeah! I can’t wait!

Literally everyone is just dragging through the day, and are just excited for that one moment:

And it’s when that bell rings or your job is done in order to go home.

But, I still go through the day just because of the simple reminder that I have on my calendar.

While everyone is ready to leave or go home, I’m still in the moment focusing on what need to do for the day.

Now you know why I named this day “Won’t stop Friday” .

Hey Geary, what time is it?


Tell me in the comments which weekday nickname you like the most, and think of a new nickname you would like to give out to any day of the week.

It is due when you submit it in the comments below.

A camera watching someone.

The Takeaway.

white book
Better get your notes out.

I’m trying to convey the power of your words.

Words you say to yourself , words you say to other people, and just what you say in general.

So, I want you guys from NOW ON to consciously think about the words you say to people and yourself.

The more you realize the words you say to yourself and other people, the more you’ll wonder, “Hmmm. Geary was right.”

Don’t believe me, here’s the proof on the POWER of our words:

“Watch your thoughts, for they will become words. Watch your words, for they will become actions. Watch your actions, for they will become habits. Watch your habits, for they will become character. Watch your character, for it will become destiny.”

– Lao Tzu

Believe me now?

Remember to always enjoy life and take action.


Geary Erua

P.S:  How’s your summer going? I’m just curious. Oh, and comment, follow, and share.



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