The Top 9 Countries with the highest Immigrant Populations [Immigrant Teenlife]

Mohandas “Mahatma” Gandhi once said:

” A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.”

And he’s completely right.

But, here’s the thing about immigrants:

We migrated from a nation to another nation.

So, that  means we have culture of the country we left and also culture of the nation we arrived in.

I guess that’s what makes these top 9 countries great.

Because they are the ones willing to open it’s borders to different peoples.

Just so you guys know, the countries with the most immigrants always seem to be one of the best countries in the world to live in, right?

Before we start, I’m going to say that the top countries are ranked through population not percentage.

So, let’s dive right in to #9:

  • 9. Australia

australia traveling travelling travel
Australia is nice.

With beaches, deserts, and it’s high migrant population, this supercountry is one of the most liveable places in the world.

Although this nation has a very strict immigration policy regarding to those who want to migrate to the country by boat.

With migrants moving all over the place these days, it’s tough to tell whether Australia will still be number 9.

  • 8. Canada

architecture buildings business city
One of my top destinations to visit – Toronto, Canada

Yay! The first country in North America to make the list!

With about 7.8 million immigrants, and some of the best cities in the world, Canada is a keeper.

This country is also one of the most friendly to immigrants.

So, I recommend if you like cold weather and Drake, go on to Canada!

  • 7. France

photo of eiffel tower
Their most PRIZED possession.

Canada’s and France’s immigrant populations are almost identical to each other.

France has an immigrant population of about 7.9 million, while Canada has about 7.85 million.

One of the biggest reasons why France has a high immigrant population is because it was once an empire, colonizing countries throughout the globe.

And many of the nations that have been colonized by France have many migrants escape back to it’s colonial father – France.

Oh, and with beautiful architecture like the Eiffel Tower, why would France not be the place?

  • 6. United Arab Emirates

blue and gray high rise building
The Burj Khalifa.

For those who don’t know, the United Arab Emirates is a country located in the Middle East that borders Saudi Arabia and Oman.

In other words, it’s a Gulf country.

Here, India is their largest source of immigrants.

They mainly come for job opportunities in oil and petroleum , which is abundant in the region.

Matter of fact, foreigners make up over 90% of the country’s labor force.

Besides that, they also have the tallest building in the world.

Okay UAE… I’m impressed.

  • 5. United Kingdom

city view at london
London is an amazing city.

Like France, the United Kingdom colonized a large portion of the world.

And it’s one of the most influential countries in the world as well.

Again… like France, a significant amount of the U.K’s immigrant population comes from countries they have colonized.

Like for example, the United Kingdom is the most popular migration settlement for Indians looking abroad.

And guess what… India was colonized by the British.

Matter of fact, the national dish of Britain is Chicken tikka masala, an originally Indian food dish.

With a current immigration population of nearly 9 million, the warmth of the United Kingdom will continue to inspire those from all around the world to come and live there.

  • 4. Russia

architecture building cathedral church
Moscow, Russia

With about 11.6 million migrants in the country, most of them are from Eastern Europe.

And the fact that Russians make up a large diaspora in other countries in the world(mainly in Eastern Europe) is crazy.

So, Russia is almost equal with the amount of people flocking and leaving the country.

Russia is full of amazing people and wonders, so I completely understand why the immigrant population is so large for this enormous country.

  • 3. Germany

administration architecture berlin building
I don’t know what that means, so can someone translate that in the comments please?

Germany has one of the largest economies in the world, and it’s all due to it’s amazing immigrant population.

In Germany, a large portion of the immigrants come from Turkey.

This country has some amazing cities only migrants can dream of…

  1. Munich, Germany – The city is lovely for all peoples
  2. Hamburg, Germany – An amazing port city
  3. Berlin, Germany – Who can forget the capital?

With it’s liberating attitude towards diversity… I say for any aspiring immigrant – Why not?

  • 2. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia?

Like the United Arab Emirates, a large portion of Saudi Arabian immigrants are from India.

I guess Indians like to visit places.

They are the top foreign nationality in the U.K, UAE, and now Saudi Arabia.

WOW! Indians must be some ambitious people.

I know for some of you guys that this might be one of the countries that you would least expect to be here.

So, I guess Saudi Arabia should be the new location everyone should go and live…

What do you guys think, leave it in the comments below…

And finally…the top nation for immigrants is…

  • 1. United States of America

america architecture bay boat
I’m so PROUD. (sniff)

To be honest, it was pretty obvious that the U.S was going to be number 1.

According to MPI , the U.S has about 50 million people as immigrants.

Which is by far much more than Saudi Arabia, which has just over 12 million.

But, there should be MUCH more than that…

Just ask Amy Bloom:

“People tend to forget that in our country, we’d pretty much all be immigrants, except for the Native Americans.”

-Amy Bloom

So, I guess that the real population of immigrants in the U.S would probably be over 300 million people.

Now that’s insane!

From the Broadway in New York to Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, we are all immigrants.

Remember: LIVE your LIFE to the FULLEST.


Geary Erua

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References: Shoutout to the Migration Policy Instituite.








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