Diving deep in the mind of a teenager.[Immigrant Teenlife]

portrait of a young woman in forest
It’s a cruel world. 🙂

Our teenage years are one of the most mentally exhausting times of our life.

With high school sports, jobs, and the desire to fit in, it’s all overwhelming for our minds.

And due to the fact that our bodies are constantly changing and growing as well…

Let me tell you…it’s TOUGH.

We are still trying to figure out who we are…

And when this pressure from other people that constantly say, “What do you want to be?”, or ,”Who are you becoming?”

I simply just say:

“I don’t know.”

We have that separation from our parents, and when they ask:

“Are you okay?”

 We’re just biting our tongues, trying not to yell out the frustration that’s going on in our minds.

For those who are way older than me, which is 17, then as I explain our mind to y’all,  you guys will probably be like:

” Oh yeah. I remember those days.”

Okay…let me tell you the mind of a current teenager.

From my point of view.

cloudy cold daylight environment
And maybe others.

The teens in today’s generation still act the same…

Of course.

But, with a little more challenges.

We got things to worry about like:

  1. Drugs
  2. Sex
  3. Opinions of others – aka Social Media
  4. Moods

The truth of us teenagers is that:

We just want to fit in, and be independent.

We just want to do all the adult stuff, like gambling, moving out, and other things.

That’s why so many of us get in trouble at this age.

Because in the media, the cool kids are the ones who are always picking on people and doing the “adult” stuff I mentioned earlier.

And it’s all because we have that amazing curiosity inside us that just makes us skeptical and ask questions.

It makes us think like an adult.

Adults are the ones always questioning things, while the children are always believing what they see or hear.

Why else is Santa Claus so popular with kids?

blur bright candy celebration
Because Santa Claus is amazing!

Another thing us teens are always thinking about is pleasure.

We look for that next high, or the moment that just spills out dopamine inside our heads.

And since we don’t know when enough is enough, we soon get addicted…

Why else is it so hard for us to put down our phones, or stop doing risky things that make us feel good?

Because that makes us feel good. DUH!

We are just trying to find a way how to deal with the transition from being an adorable little kid to a full grown young adult.

And we’re all “hormonal” .

Because when we hit puberty, we start to get all these hormones.

That’s why our moods are constantly changing from happiness to anger at times.

So.. that is the mind of a teenager quickly explained by the expert himself – Geary Erua. 😉


There you go! Take some notes.

It’s a process. For example my younger sister just turned 13 and she’s acting all wild, but I now know that we are in the same headspace.

The same insecurities, risky behaviors, and the desire to be free from the authorities. 😁

Our brains don’t stop growing until we’re about 24 years old, and for me – that’s a pretty long time.

But, we should all enjoy the journey.

Because in the end, everything’s going to be alright.

“The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.”

– Don Williams

Hope you guys learned something!


Geary Erua 

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