For us, elders are most important. [Immigrant Teenlife]

adult affection baby child
What a lovely family.

Just so you know, if you call old people elders, then you have been mentally trained to respect old people.

That’s just how it works guys!

Not senior citizen, or old person.

Just elder.

I don’t know why, but people these days just don’t seem to respect those who are older than them.

adult elder elderly enjoyment
They always have a smile on their face. 🙂

You see pranks pulled on the oldest of the old, while the young people are just out there watching…

And Laughing.

I know because I used to be one of those people, let me give you guys a flashback…

A long, long time ago, I used to live in this crazy apartment complex.

It was weird, but it was also pretty cool.

Like when you stepped outside the door of my old place, there would be this huge hill I would sometimes roll down from.

But, it was pretty diverse…

I mean there were Mexicans, Lebanese, Liberians, and so on…

So…anyway, there was this old man that would always talk to himself very loudly…

And it would happen every single morning.

I definitely knew for sure that he WAS NOT speaking English, which made it hard to understand what he was saying.

That man’s daughter was one of my friends at school, but I was afraid to ask her about her dad’s daily routine.

And me and my brother would just look and laugh at him.

Not in his presence, but when we’re inside and knew that we’re safe, we would just poke fun at that elderly dude.

But, after I would make fun of that guy, I would immediately regret it.

I would have thoughts like:

  • ” He didn’t do anything to me, so why am I poking fun at him?”

  • ” He is an elder, so why aren’t I treating him like one?”

My parents have always told me that I should respect my elders.

And they’re totally right.

For us to be the children of bold souls, who were willing to go to another country with different people, and tell us that…

Of course we should believe them!

Our elders have been through more struggle and experiences than anyone else, right?

mountains nature arrow guide
Yep. Right.

I’m from a culture that has elders who absolutely love to tell oral stories, and I’m personally a huge fan of them.

They can give us some advice on certain aspects of life that they have been through, and maybe entertain us with their old sense of humor.

And who doesn’t like humor?

person woman tie hat
I find that creepy, not funny.

Umm… What time is it?

notes macbook study conference
Homework Time!

I want you guys to tell an elderly person(or people) that you REALLY appreciate them.

Trust me, that will make their day.

It is due when you submit it in the comments.

REMEMBER: I am ALWAYS watching you. 😉


A read the fine print sign.
I certainly don’t. 😉

The message I’m trying to convey to you guys is to respect your elders.

If you’re a son or daughter of immigrants, you have to know that elders are a big deal in the family.

With all this Social Security, and Medicare stuff, it is finally time to think about our elderly NOW!

“Anything that we can do to improve the lives of elderly people is welcome so far as I’m concerned.”

-Judi Dench

Always remember to stay positive!


Geary Erua

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