The “unsexiness” of success.

Do you think it’s easy to be successful?

I sure don’t because I’m still trying to climb that ladder up to success.

white step through bicycle leaning beside tree plant
My ladder…guys.

Well… let me tell you:


Whoever said it’s easy is full of lies because most likely they’re not successful, and just want to see you fail.

You shouldn’t hang with those people.

Okay … enough playing around, let’s really get started on the topic.

A typewriter.
Let’s get started.

I decided to write on this topic because recently I was watching some James Bond 007.

I didn’t watch the whole movie, I was just watching snippets of it on Youtube.

James Bond.
Hello Mr. Bond.

It was funny on how Mr. Bond was so good at everything.

Like for example, I saw a part when  he was at a ballroom, and he was doing the tango almost perfectly.

At first, I thought he was like a lucky one” , which was detrimental to my mental health.

But, I realized that must have took some ridiculous amounts of practice and effort into perfecting the tango.

And when I clicked on how to learn to tango, I was trying not to laugh out loud because you had to take it basic…

And it was pretty funny. 🙂

So, that made me write this article.

Let me give you 2 quick examples on the “unsexiness” in order to be successful:

  • Let’s say you want to be an outstanding basketball player.

    person holding basketball
    Oh. Basketball.

    You’ll have to start with the basics like:

  1. Learning how to shoot.
  2. Learning how to properly dribble
  3. How to grab rebounds
  4. How to shoot free throws

And you can’t just practice it for one day and expect to shoot like Stephen Curry the next time you step on the court:

You’ll have to do it consistently.

And, I don’t mean twice a week every week.

I mean at least 5 days a week every week.

Or even better, every single day.

Then, if you do it consistently you’ll eventually see results.

And maybe it will look sexy.

  • Or maybe you want to start a Youtube channel

apple blur business communication
One of my favorite sites.

Like basketball, you’ll have to learn the fundamentals:

  1. Learn how to properly shoot a Youtube video
  2. Learn how to edit the video properly
  3. Learn how to make your title appealing to people who are surfing Youtube.

And that’s going to take a lot of hard work…

Oh, and you will make plenty of mistakes…

Before we continue, let me ask you a quick question:

Do you really think that the best Youtubers make a “perfect” video every time?

Well, if you said yes in the comments, you’re full of beans.

beans coffee drink cafe
Literally. I don’t play any games.

So, you might have to have them beans cooked out of you or you might just have to spill it. 🙂

Okay… let me ask you a series of questions that will make you ponder:

Do you think that people are just naturally good at things?

Have you ever tried something and sucked at it?

Do you ever consider not trying things because you might fail?

Those are some thought provoking questions, aren’t they?

Now, think about those questions I asked you…

Now come back.

Let me tell you the answers you should be giving out:

black and white black and white depressed depression
SSSHHH! Geary, don’t say the answers!

If you think people are just “naturally” good at things… then

this blog post is not for you.

I remember one time when I was reading about Kevin Hart’s stand-up career…

And if you guys know, he’s currently the best stand up guy there is.

But he had a rough start…

Matter of fact, when he started, people really didn’t find him that funny.

But that didn’t stop him…

Instead of quitting, he chose to be able to look back and learn from his mistakes.

And that’s what made him a great.

Boom! His story just answered all 3 of my questions for ya…


A take away sign for a resturant.

Nobody was born perfect. Despite how skilled you might seem to be, you must have worked your butt off in order to achieve those results.

And don’t think with a limited mindset.

Otherwise known as a poor man’s mindset, this mind frame makes you think that only certain people can be successful.

Instead think like a go getter.

Be the one who goes after what he/she wants.

It will be a tough journey, but it will be worth it in the end.

As Lucius Annaeus Seneca once said:

“It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness.”

I mean, you want to be great, right?

What you waiting for?

Get started…NOW.


Geary Erua

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