5 Inspirational Stories About Success.

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” It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”


We all need inspiration sometimes.

Because there are going to be many days when we will feel down and unmotivated, but we’ve got to keep going, like Confucius said.

So, for those who are aspiring actresses, singers, athletes, and so on…

This can help you a lot in believing that anything is possible!

Because some of these people really struggled in order to be successful.

I will give you 5 people’s stories that will inspire you to get on up, and achieve what YOU want.


1. Tyler Perry

If any of you guys think you had it tough, just look at Tyler Perry’s childhood. He was abused as a child, got kicked out of high school, and tried to kill himself in order to free himself from life’s difficulties.

He then moved to Atlanta at age 23 and was working at jobs which made him unhappy until he started his first theater production, I Know I’ve Been Changed, in 1992, and unfortunately, he failed.

Despite the setback, he continued to run the same show while living in his car and failing over and over, until one day, the show became a success.

Since then, he’s become one of the highest paid entertainers due to not giving up, and thinking positive.


2. Arianna Huffington

Born in Athens, Greece in 1950 to loving parents, Arianna thought she had it fine, until she witnessed her parents divorce when she was 11 years old with her sister. After being shocked for a while because of the divorce, she got used to being around women – which drove feminism in her.

Arianna always wanted to further her education, but when she said she was going to Cambridge University, she was ridiculed for it.

Despite that, she and her mom were able to find a way into Cambridge at age 16, and she graduated with honor’s at age 21.

She then moved to New York and wrote her first book, The Female Woman, and it was a huge success!

After that success, she wrote her second book, and it was rejected 36 times until it was finally published.


3. Oprah Winfrey

Similar to Tyler Perry, Oprah was often abused as a child. She was also molested by her cousin, uncle, and a family friend. When she was 14, she gave birth to a child, but it died only a couple of weeks later.

Although she struggled early, she still managed to graduate from high school as an honor student.

She won a scholarship to college, but then dropped out in order to pursue her career.

She then moved to Baltimore, Maryland, where she found a job as co-anchor for a local TV station.

Unfortunately, she was fired from that show not long after for being “unfit for television”. She didn’t give up though, and she soon landed another gig for a talk show in Chicago. Surprisingly, she turned that failing talk show into the show everyone wanted to see.

A couple of years later, the show was renamed after her, and that show lasted from 1986 to 2011 when she ended the show to create her own television network called OWN(Oprah Winfrey Network).

She proved that if you’re willing to go after what you want, with hard work and persistence, you’ll have it.


4.  Jay-Z

Jay-Z came from a crime rampant neighborhood. After dropping out of high school, he sold crack just to make ends meet.

He soon became tired of being a drug dealer and wanted to make music. He wanted to strike a record deal with a record label, but nobody signed him.

And, instead of going back into crime, he started his own company with several other business partners.

That’s right, his own!

But, that doesn’t mean it was still easy!

He had to deal with artists leaving his label, and he didn’t really become successful until he released  ” Hard Knock Life”  in 1998.

Since then, he has done other things such as own an NBA team, design clothes, and so much more.

And it all started by not giving up….


5. Stephen King

Can you imagine this.

Stephen was so poor that he had to borrow his clothes for his own wedding.

Although he was very poor, he had big visions.

His first novel was rejected 30 times before it got published.

He felt so discouraged, that he threw the book into the trash, only later when it was rediscovered by his wife who believed in him.

That book was called Carrie, and it later had its own movie!






That’s the conclusion for today.

If you want something, believe you can and go after it, until it becomes a reality.

Of course there’s going to be setbacks, but as I said many times, keep going!

And always remember, if they did it, so can you.

” Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence.”

-Colin Powell


Your job’s not done, keep working!


Geary Erua

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