Mind Hacks I Use To Keep Myself Disciplined(So can you!)

A man jogging.
Keep going my friend.

” Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”

-Jim Rohn

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, discipline means training that produces obedience or self-control, often in the form of rules and punishments if these are broken, or the obedience or self-control produced by the training.

Now, let me ask you all a question:

How many of you are actually disciplined?

If you’re reading this post, chances are that you have little to no discipline.

But, that’s okay. Discipline is like any other skill; it needs practice.

Like Jim Rohn said, in order to achieve any goal, you must be disciplined.

I understand that there are going to be days when you don’t feel like doing anything, but think about it like this:

The more days you skip, the harder it will be for you to reach your goal.

I will give you 2 examples:


1. Trying to lose weight

woman girl fat fitness
Good job!

This is by far the number one New Year’s resolution goal.

The sad thing is that only 8% of people who make New Year’s resolutions actually keep them.

The problem is, a lack of discipline.

Let’s say that you want to lose 40 pounds in a year, and you think you can do it.

You start taking action and so far it goes well…

Until that one day when your boss treated you like crap, and all you want to do is watch a sad movie while eating potato chips.

Don’t quit.

After binge watching and eating, you then feel sorry for yourself because you didn’t fulfill your fitness duties.

And since you missed a day, you think it’s okay to miss several days because of that one day.

That continues to go on until the next time you set another New Year’s resolution and guess what…

When you check the scale it says that you didn’t lose weight.

You then set the same resolution again and the process restarts all over again…

Next example:


2. Saving More Money

money pink coins pig
That’s a great way to save money!

Imagine yourself in this scenario:

You want to find a better place to live in, but you realize that it’s much more expensive than your current home.

So, you start saving money.

But, there’s this awful habit of you always spending money on things you don’t need.

Like in the first example, so far it goes pretty good.

Until one day, when you and your friends go out to have fun, and you spend your money on some useless things for your friend.

You get frustrated by the fact that you messed up, and continue to do it.

And when you check your bank account, you realize that you spent all of your money.

So when you look at that house again, you feel ashamed because you didn’t save any of your money.




Did you notice what they both had in common?

They set clear goals, but they messed up.

And since they messed up, they thought it was okay to keep messing up.

Although they missed a day, they shouldn’t have given up because it just made things in a worse condition.


The Hacks

hacker screen
By the way, I’m not a hacker.

Nobody is perfect.

And when I say that, I don’t mean to make as many mistakes as we want.

I’m trying to say that we make mistakes because we are human, but we should not let that interfere with our goals.

You might miss a day, but try not to miss 2.

People tend to have this habit of giving up as soon as they see difficulty.

I’m begging you, please don’t!

This quote says it all:

” Forgive yourself of your faults and mistakes and move on.”

-Les Brown

When I miss a day, I forgive myself and say, ” That won’t happen tomorrow.” 

Be accountable for it, and move on from it.

Mind Hack #2



As I said earlier, there are going to be days when you don’t feel like doing anything.

So, the hack I do is to just do it.

Yeah, it’s that simple!

When you start it, you will more likely have a chance to finish it.

Because the brain doesn’t like something that hasn’t been finished, so it’s going to find a way for it to be accomplished.

For example, if it’s late and I forgot to workout today, I just do it.

Despite the simplicity of the concept, it’s pretty hard.

So, I say mantras like these:

  1. Pain is only temporary
  2. I can do this!
  3. I got this.
  4. This will get me closer to my goal.
  5. Motion creates emotion

I use the power of my words to motivate myself out of that rut, and it gets done.

Sometimes I miss days, but I don’t let that get in my head.

So, now you know my hacks. 🙂




The difference between people who actually achieve their goals and people who don’t reach them are the actions they take every single day to make it come true.

In other words, the discipline it takes to continue despite the fact you haven’t yet achieved it.

” The discipline you learn and character you build from setting and achieving a goal can be more valuable than the achievement of the goal itself.”

-Bo Bennett


Always remember that YOU are AWESOME!


Geary Erua

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