Social “Cliques” in High School. Which one are you in?


” A healthy social life is found only when, in the mirror of each soul, the whole community finds its reflection, and when, in the whole community, the virtue of each one is living.”

-Rudolf Steiner

For those who don’t know, a social clique is a group of people who share similar interests and have similar beliefs with each other.

They can play the same sport as you, or wear the same type of clothes as you, it’s just that they unite because they have something in common.

So, the question is…

What is your social clique?

I’m currently in high school, where everyone is hanging with different people.

Social cliques are up and coming all around school.

So, in order to make it easier for you to answer, I will explain to you 7 social cliques that are in most high schools.


Here we go…


1. The Overachievers

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These are the people who are in everything,

They are in many different clubs the school has to offer, play sports, and are fighting for that one particular spot…


I consider myself an overachiever, but not in school.


2. The Athletes

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The sports jocks are probably the most well-known in the entire school.

Especially in Texas, where high school sports is a huge thing.

Another thing about the jocks is that they get all the attention, and everyone loves them.

Depending on how good the school teams are, some are considered as absolute studs.

I play sports, but I honestly wouldn’t consider myself a high school sports jock.

A negative stereotype about high school jocks is that they have a cheerleader as a girlfriend and they pick on other people.

But, from what I experienced, they are just people who are playing sports to have fun.


3. The Skaters

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I remember in middle school when I used to hang out with the skaters.

They are pretty chill, and they spend most of their free time skating in a skate park.

The funny thing is, that I didn’t even know how to skate, yet I was hanging out with them.

So, if you love to skate – hang out with the skaters.


4.  The Emo Peeps.


Growing up as a teenager, we have emotions come up for us.

Goths, or emo’s are typically seen wearing some dark clothing and makeup to openly show their emotions.

A stereotype of emos is that they are depressed often and they listen to punk music.


5. The Band People


These are the people who always hang with their fellow band members.

They perform during football games and pep rallies, and it’s pretty cool.

By the way, it’s not a rock band; it’s a marching band.

So, if you love to play instruments, consider hanging out with the high school band.


6. The Preppy Ones

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These are the people who come from a middle to upper-class family.

Many of them are pretty cool, but sometimes they might come off as a little arrogant.

A characteristic that I’ve seen from preppy kids is that they come to school in good-looking cars with the windows down blasting their music.


7. The Stoners.

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These are the ones that come to school high as the clouds.

A stereotype about them is that they skip school, and they’re the ones that are always into trouble.


What Would I Be?


Let’s be honest, we can’t all be grouped into just one social clique.

I mean, we have different interests and shared hobbies.

My 2 social cliques would be that I’m an overachiever and an athlete.

I love to achieve many different things and I play sports.

Those are the cliques I mostly associate with, but I’m the type of person who communicates with many different people.


Homework Time!!!

A textbook with glasses on a desk.
Don’t worry, it’s not hard.

The assignment is to write down which social clique sounds most intriguing to you and type it in the comments below.

It is due once you submit it in the comments.

Remember: I am always watching you. 😉



A park bench in nature.

Social cliques are a part of everyone’s lives.

When we are in our teenage years, we grow stronger with our peers and grow a little distant with our family.

High school is the perfect time for that because that’s when teens are starting to find themselves.

By the way, a book I recommend for all teens to read is this book.

You can explore which clique seems right for you, and if you’re already in one, don’t be afraid to understand the minds of different cliques.

Remember, we are very different, yet we are alike.

” We may have all come in different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.”

-Martin Luther King Jr.


Always remember that YOU are AWESOME!!!


Geary Erua

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