How To Be A Creator, Not A Consumer.

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“You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make a dream into reality.”

-Walt Disney

Have you ever wanted to create something?

It doesn’t have to be out of this world, it could be something simple like a drawing, business, or product you want to sell.

Let me tell you something:

The world THRIVES on creativity.

The people who were brave enough to put their imagination into reality truly made this world into a better place.

I will show you some examples:


1. Walt Disney

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After facing many challenges in his life, he did NOT let those define him.

Instead, he decided to put his creativity to work.

The man who was told that he lacked imagination now inspires millions of young kids all throughout the world, just because he believed in the creativity in his mind.


2. Steve Jobs

A cartoon drawing of Steve Jobs.

” I want to put a ding in the universe.”

-Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs really did put a ding in the universe when he said his company was going to innovate the technology industry.

And it did.

He had the imagination to imagine a phone that can operate like a computer.

And since that came into fruition, many others did.

Now, there are billions of smartphones all around the world, thanks to this great man.

Matter of fact, if you want to know more about his life, I HIGHLY recommend you check out this biography.


3. Thomas Edison

A portrait of Thomas Edison.

” The value of an idea lies in using it.”

-Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison did NOT let the current circumstances deter him to become one of America’s greatest inventors.

He had visions for the future, and he was willing to take action on them.

He believed that they can become real if he just continued to work at it constantly.

He created many inventions such as the motion picture and the light bulb.

He was a man who took ACTION on his creativity.


How Do I Become A Creator?

A man working on hot glass.

Now, those were some great figures in modern history.

The reason they were so great was because they thought differently from others.

They knew that they could get whatever they wanted in their lives if they could work for it.

Well, in order to become a creator, you have to learn how to develop creativity.

According to the dictionary, creativity means the use of the imagination or original ideas.

Creativity is inside all of us.

It’s just that many of us don’t work on developing it to make it stronger.

I will show you 2 ways that you can develop your creativity:


1. Write Down Ideas

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” Ideas shape the course of history.”

-John Maynard Keynes

I try to write as many ideas as I possibly can every day.

And, let me tell you, it really did change the way I think.

I got this from James Altucher, who writes 10 ideas a day.

I seem to have ideas left and right now, all because of this simple practice I turned into a habit.

Ideas are thoughts that could change the world.

Here are some of the excuses you might be having that could block you from practicing this:

  1. What if my ideas are awful? – Well, I don’t know if you can beat me at awful ideas because I have PLENTY of those. With practice, you WILL get better at producing magnificent ideas.
  2. What if I don’t have the time? That is a lie! We all have the same number of hours in a day.

After you write some ideas down, pick the best ones and take action on them.

Matter of fact, this blog post was an idea that just popped into my mind, but I took action on it.


2. Visualize

A woman meditating at sunset.

Just close your eyes and imagine…

Imagine all the things that would seem cool in the future.

All the products…

All the television shows…

All the songs…

All the inventions…

When you visualize what you want to achieve every single day, your mind is going to want you to take actions on making that dream into a reality.

For more ways on developing your creativity, I recommend you to read this book.


Now what?

A bubble with a question mark in it.

After you develop your creativity, create!

Create what you find the most interesting and try to achieve it.

That’s how greatness is born.

Trial and error.

When you fail at a project, try again because you never know when success arrives.

Create as many things as you possibly can.

” The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

-Peter Drucker


Always remember that YOU are AMAZING!!!


Geary Erua

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